Vincenzo Lombardi
PhD Student
Tel: ++39 0382 985223
Fax: ++39 0382 422583

University of Pavia - Dept. of Electronics - Microwave Lab

Vincenzo Lombardi was born in Milan(Italy) the 24th of July of 1983. He received the BS degree summa cum laude in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pavia in July 2015. The title of his BS thesis: "Calcolo della Potenza Dissipata su Superfici Dicroiche Induttive . This work has been about the modeling of the losses the HFSS and the implementation of this calculus in a simulator based on the BI-RME method. He received the Master degree in Electronic Engineering in 2007 summa cum laude at the University of Pavia developing his thesis: "Analisi e modellizzazione di mixer per ricevitori wireless in tecnologia CMOS a 90 nm". In this work he studied the non-linear signaling and time-variant systems and their mathematical modeling focusing on a mixer for wireless receiver in CMOS technology. From 2014 he joined the Microwave Lab as Guest researcher and as PhD student from October 2016. During this activity he is working about mathematical modeling and scientific computing of microwave systems. His interest is focused on Radial Basis Functions, Meshless Method and BI-RME method.

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