Enrico Massoni
PhD Student
Tel: ++39 0382 985223
Fax: ++39 0382 422583
E-mail: enrico.massoni02@universitadipavia.it

University of Pavia - Dept. of Electronics - Microwave Lab

Enrico Massoni (E.M.) was born in Broni (PV), Italy, on January 23rd 1991. After his high school studies on scientific areas (Liceo Scientifico Statale “T.Taramelli” sperimentazione Piano Nazionale dell’Informazione P.N.I. in Pavia – Sezione As, July 2010, final evaluation 100/100) he enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Pavia, Italy. He received the BSc degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering with a thesis entitled “Sensore di Permettività Elettrica in Tecnologia Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW): Analisi e Progetto”, (Prysmian Group Award -1st nationwide classified) presenting a two ports system able to estimate the electric characteristics of unknown materials, with final evaluation of 110/110 on October, 14th 2013. Afterwards he obtained the MSc degree in Electronics Engineering with a thesis entitled “Reconfigurable Substrate Integrated Waveguide Components on Textile”, presenting new layout topologies for switching circuitry and a reconfigurable filter prototype exploiting new wearable materials, with final evaluation of 110/110 Summa cum Laude on September, 24th 2015. This work has been carried out in cooperation with the Intec (Information Technology) Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering, Ghent (Belgium), where he spent a six-months research period as exchange student. Starting from October 1st 2015 he joined the Microwave Laboratory as a Ph.D. Student with a thematic research fellowship entitled “Progetto di guide integrate per applicazioni a microonde” (“Design of microwaves integrated waveguides”), focusing his attention on Substrate Integrated Waveguides (SIW) and Non Radiative Dielectrics (NRD), respectively. E.M. has been elected Chairman of the IEEE Pavia Student Branch on November 2015, supporting Ph.D. Students activities.

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