Giuseppe Siciliano
PhD Student
Tel: ++39 0382 985223
Fax: ++39 0382 422583

University of Pavia - Dept. of Electronics - Microwave Lab

Giuseppe Siciliano was born in Barrafranca, a small town in the heart of Sicily. In 2010, he received the diploma of Scientific subjects from Liceo Scientifico G. Falcone, Barrafranca (EN). In 2010, he enrolled on the course of Electronic Engineering at the University of Catania, where he spent two years. Then, he moved to the University of Pavia, where he got the Bachelor Degree of Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering, in 2012. He got the Master of Electronic Engineering in 2015 with full grades, with a thesis entitled "An optimal planar array antenna lattice for pyramidal scanning". During his master studies, he spent 6 months at the European Space Operations Center (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. There, he gave contributions to the development of regular-lattice planar array antennas with minimum number of elementary radiators. He is now a PhD student at the Microwave Laboratory of the University of Pavia. His research deals with novel radar imaging techniques for detection of concealed weapons, and radar phased array antennas for space debris detection.

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Last update: February 17, 2016.