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Salvatore Caorsi

Retired Professor


Salvatore Caorsi received the “laurea” degree in Electronic Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy, in 1973. Upon graduation he started his activities with the University of Genoa and served as a Professor of “Antennas and Propagation”, “Remote sensing and electromagnetic diagnostic” and “Electromagnetic Compatibility”. Since 1994 he is Full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia, Pavia, Italy, where he is teaching “Electromagnetic Compatibility”, “Electromagnetic Fields and Environment Impact” and “Electromagnetic Techniques for Remote sensing and Diagnostics”. From 2001/2002 up to 2007/2008, he has been the academic chief of the Didactic Council of Information Engineering of the Engineering Faculty of University of Pavia, including both the first and the second level degree courses in Biomedical Engineering, Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Sciences. In the academic year 2002/2003 he has been also Professor of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Environmental Impact for the second-level degree course in Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Trento, Trento, Italy. When he was with the Department of Biophysical and Electronic Engineering (DIBE) of the University of Genoa, he set up a research group within the academic area of electromagnetic fields with a related laboratory. Recently, he has also cooperated to set up another research group in the same scientific academic area, at the University of Trento. In 1985, together with Professor Alessandro Chiabrera and other colleagues from Italian Universities, he founded the Interuniversity Centre on the Interactions between Electromagnetic Fields and Biosystems (ICEmB) of which he has been at first the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and next the Director up to 1995. Many public research centers are founding member of ICEmB like as IREA-CNR, ENEA and ISS. Since 2010 up to now he has again the charge of Director of ICEmB. At the end of 1999 he promoted the constitution of a SME (EMC s.r.l.) working namely on the electromagnetic compatibility services and technologies. His research activity is focused on the fundamental principles and on the applications of electromagnetic fields, namely in the area of high frequencies radiating fields (RF and microwaves). Among his activities, particular attention has been devoted to:
1. numerical methods for the solution of electromagnetic fields in complex environments;
2. electromagnetic techniques for imaging and reconstruction purposes as applied to remote sensing and diagnostics, with particular reference to the detection, reconstruction and recognition (“electromagnetic vision”) of buried objects, such as, for example, polluting materials, mines, underground urban services (electricity and/or phone cables, water or gas pipes, and so on), or to quality material analysis ( e.g. rail ways safety mobility) and geophysical inspection;
3. analysis, development and measure of antennas (an example of such activity is the development of the antennas for the dutch telepass service);
4. biomedical applications concerning human safety and health by developing:
– therapeutic (microwave hyperthermia) and non invasive diagnostic techniques for cancer diseases and for surface or subsurface dielectric anomalies of human body ;
– experimental and numerical approaches for the risks assessment associated to the human exposure to electromagnetic fields (prediction of the electromagnetic emission from the antennas for radio, television and mobile telephony signals; non invasive measurement techniques of the electromagnetic absorption rate in the human head or phantoms when a mobile telephone is being used);
– investigation on biological effects of electromagnetic exposure in nervous system with particular attention to Alzheimer diseases (AD) to understand, identify and characterize the electromagnetic (EMF) exposure conditions (frequency, dose, duration, repetition rate), both at low (LF-EMF) and microwave frequencies (MW-EMF) that may modulate their expression in AD cell models and in human neurons
5. electromagnetic compatibility, to study and analyse the correct behaviour of devices and of electronic, electric and electromechanical components.
While carrying on his research activity, Salvatore Caorsi participated in several international congresses, also as invited speaker, thus publishing over 250 papers on international scientific journals and organizing several scientific sessions within national and international symposia. Recently he organized the National Conference on Neural Networks for Information Engineering applications, the VI° Mediterranean Microwave Symposium (MMS2006) and the National ICEmB Conference (2010). He cooperated with researchers from European and international universities, among which the Illinois University of Chicago (USA), the Boston University (USA), the Niigata University (Japan), the National Technical University of Athens (Greece), the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France). He is currently a reviewer for several international scientific journals in the area of electromagnetic fields theory and application, among which the IEEE Transactions (Antennas and propagation, Microwave Theory and Techniques, Geoscience and Remote sensing, Electromagnetic Compatibility), Bioelectromagnetics, Radio Science, Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications. Salvatore Caorsi has been and he is currently the coordinator of several research projects both at national and European levels within the European Commission framework programmes for research and technological development. In particular he is coordinating an ICEmB research group developing national projects with the aim of realizing personal dosimeters to control and monitor the electromagnetic exposure, and of studying the effects of the exposure to the electromagnetic radiations due to telecommunication devices. Moreover he is also coordinating a research group at the Department of Electronics of the University of Pavia that has been involved in research projects within the EC 5th and the EC 6th devoted, beside to the study of the electromagnetic numerical simulation for interference prediction, also to the study of electromagnetic radar techniques to characterize buried subservices (SMART RAD) and the material quality for safety rail ways /SAFE RAIL). Finally during the collaboration with the EMC s.r.l. he supervised their activities within the EC project devoted to the diffusion of the Electromagnetic Compatibility European Directive and its applications. Salvatore Caorsi is also member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering) and of SIEM (Società Italiana di Elettromagnetismo)