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Software Download

Even if no registration is required for downloading the codes, we would be pleased if you send us an e-mail when you download these codes. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Analysis of Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)

The code fss_unipv.exe (Demo Version) performs the analysis of inductive frequency selective surfaces (FSSs), consisting of a thick metal screen perforated periodically with arbitrarily shaped apertures, under plane wave illumination.
The Demo Version D1.0 has the following limitations:

  • a single metal screen can be considered;
  • each unit cell of the periodic array may comprise only one aperture;
  • the structure is illuminated by a uniform plane wave incident from the normal direction.

(Zip file, 500 Kb)

(Pdf file, 150 Kb)

(Pdf file, 300 Kb)

Softwave Polistrata

The code Polistrata.exe (Release 1.0 – April 2003) performs the pole-expansion approximation of modal impedances of a cavity resonator containing a multilayered medium.

(Zip file, 443 Kb)

(Pdf file, 238 Kb)

Softwave attached to the book "Advanced Modal Analysis"

This software is attached to the book “Advanced Modal Analysis” by Giuseppe Conciauro, Marco Guglielmi, and Roberto Sorrentino, published by John Wiley and Sons Ltd, in 2000. Three codes can be download in this Section:

Code BGCANA, which computes the scattering parameters of E-plane Branch Guide Couplers            

Code INDFILT, which computes the scattering parameters of Inductive Filters based on thick irises in a rectangular waveguide

Code MIF, which computes the scattering parameters and the group delay of Metal Insert Filters

(Zip file, 92 Kb)

(ZIP file, 105 Kb)

(ZIP file, 82 Kb)